The island of Santorini clearly needs to be experienced in order to be fully comprehended. Maybe nowhere else has the brutal force of nature left such lingering marks on the landscape of one particular location.

The violent volcanic eruption some 3,500 years ago annihilated the formidable Minoan civilization and most likely brought the entire Aegean region back to square one in terms of cultural and social evolution.

The eruption created one of the most stunning sceneries in the world as literally the entire middle part of the thitherto round shaped island collapsed into the sea. The original contours of the island can still be vaguely appreciated as one gazes out over the legendary Caldera.

Santorini has much more to offer though than solely its eruptive past and breathtaking landscape. As examples, the island is blessed with constant sunshine for almost six months every year and its overall recreational facilities are truly sophisticated and second to none.

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